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Geländewagen Citroen Mehari

The Citroën Méhari was produced between 1968 and 1987, however all of its spare parts, including the body and chassis, are still available today. This light vehicle was designed by a former pilot from the famous Normandie Niemen Regiment, Count Roland Paulze d’Ivoy de la Poype (deceased in 2012). It is comprised of an ABS plastic shell installed on tubing attached to the chassis/platform of the Citroën Dyane. Its design is in keeping with the doctrine applied to the other vehicles of the chevron-patterned brand, based on the re-use of complete sets: the 2CV's steering wheel, etc. It is a two-seat car that can nonetheless carry four passengers. It was sold in various colours, with "Montana" green being the only colour to span all years of production. A 4x4 model was developed in 1979, whose points of distinction were its spare tire on the front bonnet and a few mechanical changes. It is not uncommon to come across it here and there, since it is a car that is perfectly suited for leisure time and country drives.
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